Among the projects realized since 1990, the following need to be highlighted:

Project Hub generator
Nabengenerator.pngIn 2010 the Wind Energy Research Group submitted a project sketch for the hub generator in order to get public funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and after being invited to send a full application in 2011 the project started in 2012.
Together with Fraunhofer IWES it was concluded that a joint project would be reasonable in the field of innovative direct drive systems.

The aim of the project is the development of a proposal for wind turbines in the 3-6 MW class with an enhanced drive train and an innovative rotor concept that solves logistic problems by lightweight construction and modularization. The new design enables further innovations for single components or the whole system.

"Supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag" 
Project NEW82
projekt_NEW82.pngThe focus of the cooperative project NEW82 was to design a new 2 MW wind turbine. In the spring of 2006, negotiations with a Chinese producer of electric generators resulted in the conclusion of an R & D contract. In June 2006, the work was started and was planned to be completed in 2008. 

Of special technical interest is the direct cooling of the conductors in the stator winding of this gearless generator, which allows new approaches to the design. Thus the generator is designed almost completely with integral construction methods.

Project VENSYS 90
projekt_VENSYS90.pngIn cooperation with the spin-off company Vensys Energy AG, we designed a 2.5 MW turbine between 2003 and 2005. In 2009 the prototype was presented, while another one had already been put into operation in China.

In the design of Vensys 90, an active air cooling system, which is normally applied in turbo generators, was used. The classic drive train of the hub-generator-nacelle design was simplified by using a torque bearing.

Projekt VENSYS 62
projekt_VENSYS_62.pngFrom 2001, we developed a 1.2 MW turbine for the spin-off company Vensys Energy AG. In 2003 the prototype was erected locally in Saarland.

The technology of Vensys 62 is based essentially on the proven components of Genesys 600 with the drive train as an entire system and with two bearings. The central pitch system has been replaced by individual propulsion systems on each rotor blade but the drive belt has been retained.
Mainly inspired by the former licensee and now main shareholder, Goldwind, the power output was increased to 1.5 MW. In China, the new turbines, called Goldwind 70/77, are manufactured in large quantities, while in Germany they are still produced under the name Vensys 70/77 by Vensys Energy AG.

Project GENESYS 600
projekt_GENESYS_600.pngThe project Genesys 600 consisted of designing a 600 kW wind turbine and was the initial project of the Wind Energy Research Group. After years of basic research and preliminary considerations, all the knowledge and experience gained entered into the design of a new product. After the project start in 1995, the fully functional prototype was erected in 1997.

The technical design of Genesys 600 set new standards with regard to simplicity and efficiency. The yield compared with turbines in the same wind park and of the same nominal power showed advantages in the double-digit percentage range.